Mark’s first novel, The Book of Alexander, will be published in October, 2018, by Salt.


This library site archives short stories that have appeared in print and online – see menu on the left.

‘Two-wheeled Contest of Speed’ and ‘The Colonel’s Daughter’ were recently published in Dream Catcher magazine (issues 33 and 34).   http://www.dreamcatchermagazine.co.uk

‘Good for Nothing’, and ‘The Goalkeeper’, feature moral heroes, battling the world, and themselves. A man is seduced by nature in ‘Cricket in the Rain’. A cop develops a snitch in ‘Mouthpiece’. In ‘Lexigraphic Love’ clever wordplay becomes base.  An environmentalist stops the destruction of the Earth in ‘Albert Arnold and the Golem’.  Nakedness doesn’t mean vulnerability in ‘Choice of Weapons’.  A young man visits his rejuvenated grandpa, and discovers the secret of ‘Blend Number Five’.  Two authors on a train, one literary, the other genre, contemplate a study about their craft in ‘Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics’.

‘Rover’ is about a seemingly clever, but actually non-intelligent robot, who appears to help out its inventor in a very dramatic way.

There is a foray into Constrained Writing.  ‘Ram – Ramekin – Rambler’ was inspired by the methods of the Oulipo.  ‘Ode to an Apple Pie’ is written in Pilesh.  ‘Ena and Mr Cheetum’ was inspired by the Quadrivial Quandary word puzzles.

‘Hemingway’s girl’ and ‘Nessie’ are each 6 words long.


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